Ways To Make Your Favourite Naughty Food Healthy

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Guest post by Brittnay Sharman of The Nut Butter Hub

Eating your favourite foods does not have to mean you must feel guilty. In fact, by using the right ingredients you can easily turn your most guilt-ridden foods into a very decent and health filled food choice. If you are looking to switch things up in the kitchen then read on for ways to change your most coveted naughty foods to healthy choices.  

DIY Pizza

Love pizza? Who doesn't, so lets still indulge without the greasy feeling afterwards. Try switching out the typical pizza bread crust with a cauliflower alternative, but if the classic pizza dough is what you crave then why not make it from scratch at home and just switch out what's on top of the pizza instead?
Try something new and create a spinach pizza!
Have your homemade pizza dough ready - spread it out on a baking pan that has been properly floured - brush the pizza dough with some extra virgin olive oil and sprinkle on your thawed spinach as well as a moderate amount of your favourite low fat cheese. (If you're feeling a little fancy, feel free to mix some black pepper, garlic powder and some of your favourite spices in with your spinach beforehand!)

Another way to add flavour to your pizza is smoked veggies. Putting the veggies in a natural gas smoker will ensure you don’t have to load up on cheese or fatty meats to add flavour. Try using eggplant or mushroom as they hold a lot of flavour and texture.

You Don’t Have to Give Up Mac And Cheese

With so many cheese alternatives available on the market taking the cheese out of mac and cheese is easier than ever before. Grinding up cashews is the key to getting the creamy sauce texture that you are use to in regular mac and cheese.

Now the only thing really missing is the colour. Not only does adding turmeric to your mac and cheese sauce look good it is also beneficial to your health. Turmeric fights inflammation in the body and adds a delicious colour to it.

Ditch The White Sugar ASAP

It is no secret how bad sugar can be for the body. It contributes to increased weight gain and low energy levels. Try replacing any sugar you use usually use with honey.

If honey just isn’t your thing there are other sugar options that make great replacements for white table sugar such as coconut sugar, agave, stevia but bear in mind that these options still may be highly processed and should be used in moderation.
I Scream for Healthy Ice Cream

Long are the days when your only option for ice cream was the high fat and sugar filled tubs found in grocery stores. Now more brands such offer versions of ice cream pints in sugar free form, using natural sweeteners.

Not only are they low in calories but they also contain fibre and protein. Fibre is good for when you want to feel full for longer and this will prevent you from overeating. If you feel like making  healthy ice cream at home, try freezing some ripe banana and blending them. You can add any other fruits like strawberries, blueberries or dates. Top it with something yummy like coconut or honey.

Healthy eating does not have to be seen as a chore. For every bad food you eat there is sure to be another tasty option that will satisfy you. Eat great and your body will thank you in return by giving you higher energy and greater weight loss.

Brittnay is an Australian who lived in London for the past two years.  She managed to squeeze in 21 trips to Europe & Africa in that time . She passionate about travel, health and nutrition, you will find her healthy and delicious recipes on The Nut Butter Hub

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