Awake - #BlogInTheMoment No. 4

29/01/18, train home from Canterbury

We woke up this morning. That’s so great. Pat yourself on the back, because you had the strength to open your eyes today. What else are we going to do? Eat breakfast, browse through our social media, shower, get dressed to leave the house, travel somewhere, meet people, talk, type, laugh, think, type, think, chat, scroll, think, eat, drink, think, scroll, sigh, think, sigh, think, think, think... avoid, scroll, think, smirk, think, anger, sadness, laughter, sigh, drink, walk, stress, sadness, laugh some more, talk some more, stress, think some more, sadness, stress, panic... repress... shake.

When an underlying problem gnaws at your mind, it will come for the rest of you. You may not see it the first thought, or the second, or the twelfth. When it’s time, it’s time. The problem will rise to the surface and make itself known through your help.

Do not ignore it. Do not let it inhabit your sacred mind any longer. Tell yourself about it first. That is the first step, and it is a massive one.

Eventually, you’ll be able to let it out. Keeping burdens within yourself is one of the worst things you allow yourself to do. It will eat you like a disease, so please treat it.

Be wise about who you open up to and explain as much as you want, even if that’s not much. This is another vital step.

Keep doing this. You will feel negative emotions again, but know that they will lessen as you keep addressing the problem and relieving yourself from it. It probably won’t go away very easily and you will find it extremely difficult, but you will overcome this and move away from it.

When you have experienced the negative outcome, the positive outcomes will reign through. As time goes by, things will change for the better. Keep working towards this.

You woke up today. I woke up today. We both opened our eyes to see a bright new day, and they will get brighter. We can do this.


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