Why Do I Keep Procrastinating?!

Fallen culprit into this irritating loop? Same. Let's figure out how we can avoid this... right after I check out these new Snapchat filters.

Just kidding! My levels of procrastination aren't that bad... right now anyway.

Procrastination is such a doomed expression - is there any good in it? We fall victim to its deceptive comfort when there's something important we need to do. It's like a paradox: the idea is you procrastinate to put off work and stay relaxed, but in reality it only makes you even more stressed when you realise you're procrastinating! 

We all need that push forward to break us out of the habit. It's better to admit to yourself that you will end up procrastinating one way or another, so use this post to stop you from falling too deep into it. 

The next time you find yourself procrastinating, ask yourself these questions:

Where am I sitting?

Where you are when you do work is super important. Your environment will affect how well your brain works while trying to concentrate. It's beneficial to evaluate where you work best: do you need noise or silence? In a space full of people or on your own? At home or away? 

Make sure you tailor to your preferences. I recommend not working in the living room or bedroom because these are spaces for relaxation and unwinding. If there's a desk you can sit at or, even better, a home office, that's a great place to stay focused!

What does my space look like?

Now we've thought about our wider surroundings, we can narrow down to our table space. You'd be surprised about all the little things that can affect you while you're working, the big issue being the arrangement of your workspace. I'm not talking about the feng shui of your stationary and the directions their facing - unless you really do think about all that - but how clear the space is. If it's messy, odds are it will irritate you even if you don't know it. Our subconscious mind is powerful and can pick up on small things like this. Having a clear and tidy workspace means less distractions and peace of mind. 

How many times have you checked your social media in the last 30 minutes?

You know exactly what I'm talking about, so put your phone away! There's a time for social media as there's time to solely focus on work. If you can't count how many times you've glanced over at your phone and/or scrolled through your feeds, you know it's time to turn that thing off and put it away! Get someone to confiscate it from you if you have to!

What have you eaten today?

We can often forget how the food we eat affects the way our mind works. Think about what you've eaten that day: have you had any fruit and vegetables? Eaten a bit too much junk food? Do you have any nuts and oat bars you can eat? Choose the food that you eat wisely. Food with high sodium, fat, and sugar contents will make you sluggish and more likely to procrastinate, so keep away from these when you know you have something important to do.

Do you have drinking water near you?

As well as food, what you drink is important too. Stay hydrated so your body and mind don't get thirsty. Your brain works better when you've given yourself the proper nutrition you need to efficiently concentrate and stay on target. Make sure you have a full water bottle (not plastic if you can #savetheoceans) or a jug of water and a glass nearby while you get work done, and be sure there's plenty or else you'll drink so much you'll need to get more, which means you're more likely to take an unnecessary break!

Have you planned your time wisely?

Here's why it's essential to plan your time well: you benefit much more from knowing and planning your breaks than taking them randomly, because random breaks = procrastination. Not planning means you'll give yourself more time to relax than you need. When you time your breaks and stick to the schedule, you've set goals for yourself that you can easily accomplish in minutes. The only time it's okay to break schedule is when you find yourself in the zone of working; in this case, keep going! Get those tasks done and give yourself an extra long break afterwards as a reward.

Thank you for reading this blog post. If you have any tips on how to prevent procrastination, drop a comment below or DM me on my social media links!


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