The Truly Great Things About Valentines Day

Well well well, here we are again. 

~ Valentines Day ~ WoooOOOOooOOooO ~

And for yet another year I sit wondering why I still acknowledge this day when you've been in the realm of singledom for like... always.

Despite that slightly bitter sentence, the idea of a day dedicated to love is great. Just like many others, my problem with this day lies in its commercialism as a day to celebrate romantic love, leaving non-romantics rolling their eyes and those independent singles continuing to binge-watch episodes of Jane the Virgin to believe that somehow romantic love could be real.

Put simply: there is no reason why you couldn't spend this day celebrating the love you have for friends and family. Yes, it's a charmingly appealing experience to be with the person you're romantically involved in on this day, but don't think it's something you need to hurry or prioritise to make this day memorable. Embrace yourself and celebrate the loved ones in your life.

Let me tell you the few things I look forward to when this day rolls around again...

Bouquets everywhere!

Flowers are so beautiful and they're everywhere around this time. Florists and supermarkets prepare for this day by mass producing roses, tulips, daisies, and whatever flower is "in" this year, so there's plenty of flowers to beauty up the place. As much as I don't really like the idea of mass-producing and genetically modifying flowers, they're still very pretty. I like pretty flowers.

Cheap AF chocolate.

Literally my favourite thing about Valentines. The day after Valentines day, all the shops start clearing out all the heart-shaped candy, boxes of chocolate, and clichéd chocolate flower bouquets, so chocolate is so cheap. I'm telling you, the celebration actually starts after Valentines day, simply for this one reason. I swear I'm healthy some of the time... heh.

Chocolate dicks and gifting tricks.

Since I've been single for every Valentines day since, you know, ever, I've always had a group of friends to celebrate my love for instead. The best part of celebrating this way is that we're never serious about it... like at all. I love receiving gag gifts and funny gift cards, and giving them is equally as pleasing. One of my favourite things about Valentines day is having another excuse to make my friends laugh. Love ya girls x

It's simply another occasion to celebrate... while not entirely celebrating it.

If your friends and family are anything like mine, you'll celebrate Valentines day simply because it's an excuse to gather! It's an excuse to meet up, eat lots of food, and express our love for each other, and why shouldn't it just be this way? As much as you and friends can gather without any occasion whatsoever, there's suddenly much more of an obligation when the meet up falls on some sort of celebration day - use this to your advantage! Seeing friends and family will always be a treat.

Whoever you're with this Valentines, I hope you celebrate the real love that you have for each other and remember to show this every other day of the year too!


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