Loose Change - #BlogInTheMoment No. 3


21/01/17, train home

Huh. That's a nice thing to say. I'm on the train home. I'm going home. I have a home.

Do you ever just stop and think about how blessed you really are? "Blessed" may come from religious teachings, but it doesn't mean you are not blessed if you aren't religious. 

You're alive, aren't you?

That means you're blessed by something, whether it's the science that made you, the God or gods that created you, or the Earth that nurtures you. We're all blessed.

You're reading this because you have an electronic device that gives you access to the internet. Not everyone has that.

I don't know how many homeless people I came across today. After all, we don't count these things - it's just the way it is, but I did take notice of two people that I came across today.

This one woman had reddish hair, looked quite young yet she'd aged from struggle. She hopped onto the train to ask others for loose change.

I don't carry change anymore. I couldn't help her.

The other homeless man I came across... I didn't come across really. I was chatting with my friends too loudly to notice him, but I wish I had been quiet sooner. Once I realised he was there, I lingered in the silence I should have given him to talk to us.

"Ah, forget it. Nobody cares anyway." I heard him murmur.

Regret. What if it had been someone I knew? What if all they needed was a response to get them through his struggles? What if all I needed to do was smile a little at them so they could feel human again even just for a second?

Damn. I feel horrible, but I shouldn't be caring about how I feel. They are feeling much worse.

I'm on my way home. I am so fucking grateful. I am blessed. I will carry loose change, if that's the only change I can make for them.


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