Chomping A Carrot, Squashing A Cow - #BlogInTheMoment No. 2

13/01/18, St. Pancras International

Funny how I intend on having a fully Vegan experience today, yet here I am, St. Pancras International, staring at my vegan-friendly chocolate beetroot cake... sitting on a leather chair.

I often forget that even if restaurants and cafes are considerate enough to serve vegan-friendly food, it doesn't mean the establishment itself is vegan-friendly.

There's still some sort of hostility and uncertainty around the term "vegan" and it's entirely unreasonable. Why should those who practice the lifestyle be put down for their choices? Then again, can't this be said for all other choices people make? If it's justified, who are we to judge? If anything, those who identify as vegan seem to be doing exactly the right thing for the world.

Okay, yes, I'm not vegan, but at least I know about it and respect it.

We should all be taking time to understand and accept the choices of others. If not accept, respect. Some people just don't want to eat animals and you do, and, arguably, that's fine. It's your choice. The only wrong choice is disrespecting a different justified choice. 

There's enough hate going on in the world - let's not add any more to it.


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