That Weird Epiphany - #BlogInTheMoment No. 1

30/11/12, on a return train from London Kings Cross.

It snowed today. The tiniest trickle of snow.

Thank goodness my desk at work was right in front of large panelled windows. Even if I couldn't feel the snow, the mere sight of it gave me joy.

I've seen a few of these kind of blog posts - the diary entry kind. I always thought it was worth a shot. Besides, most of the times I feel inspired are when I'm sitting far away from an electronic device. I'm most inspired when I take an otherwise mediocre walk to the corner shop, or when I'm sitting peacefully on a crowded train (much like right now), or even when I'm simply eating my lunch.

When I look back on my blog, I don't feel all that proud. I don't feel achievement. I barely feel anything. There are times I read through posts and think - actually, that's not true at all. Why did I write that?

It's a sad thing. Turns out my blog is not what I completely want it to be. 

It's not raw. It's not organic.

I don't mean to sound like the cliche arts student, but it's true.

Think about it - how many posts have you actually written? Like actually written? Who is your blog actually for? What is it really about? 

We write posts to inspire, but how can we when we're not inspired ourselves?

Here's the bottom line: I'm now realising my personal intentions and muse for blogging. I don't want to be a robot on my little space on the internet; I want to be human.

As I write this, I'm thinking these few things:

Number 1: I know what I want to write about.
Number 2: To be satisfied with my writing, I need to have a notebook on hand.
Number 3: There's actually people on this train that aren't on their phones.
Number 4: My handwriting is an abomination.

~ ~ ~

You've just read the first entry of a little project I'm starting up for my blog. It's simply called #BlogInTheMoment and when you have the time, I encourage you try it out too! Like I mentioned, the times I feel inspired are usually when I don't have my laptop on hand, so these entries will consist of random, on-the-whim scribbles that I write throughout my days. 

I look forward to sharing my thoughts with you in this new project!


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