5 Times My Awkward, Yet Pretentious Alter Ego Showed Itself

I'm not even gonna pretend this is a serious blog post.

Sometimes I take life way too seriously. What can I do? I did a Drama degree, for goodness sake! Did you really do an arts degree if you're not forever in an existential crisis? Truth.

Besides that, I love being the artsy fartsy person that I am. You gotta flaunt what you got, and whether that means you're creative or mostly practical, own that trait!

Growing up to be a advocate for the arts and humanities also comes with a very interesting view of the world around us. We all see the world in different ways, but boy does it get weird always seeing more to an object that what it really is. Symbols, metaphors, foreshadowing... when you've read so much literature, these terms become life itself.

This is the most random blog post I've ever thought to write tbh, and honestly I just wanted to share with you some accidental, yet perfectly fated artworks that nature and time curated themselves... 

See? That was my pretentious alter ego talking.

'Art imitates life, life imitates art' is a concept that my mind wanders off to... every single day. This collection of photos quite literally expresses that... the way my mind works, that is. lol what am I writing

this isn't snow

oh shit!

oh... art.

leaf me alone

my friends are dead

i walk the line

Well... somehow you made it to this sentence. 

I'll probably go contemplate life now or something.

Oh, and thank you for maybe being one of my 1K Twitter followers!  


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