5 Things We Should All Do This Year!

Whether you want to 2018 to be more organised or more spontaneous, add these to your bucket list this year!

Yes, I do know that this post is such a typical article to write at this time of year, and yes, you've probably read so many of these, but for some reason you're still here... so let's not waste anymore time!
Here are some things I'm definitely making sure I do this year, and you should too!
  1. Go on a weekend away... alone!

    I loooove going to places on my own. As much as it's always a fun time going on a trip with friends and family, you need to treat yourself and yourself only sometimes, so why not do so with a weekend away? Watch some theatre shows, have lazy nights in at your hotel room, go to a spa, read a book, write a story, meet some new people... you'd be surprised what can happen when you have no one else to worry about. Freedom!

  2. Volunteer at a charity event

    Real talk here: this world needs a little more love. There are so many conflicts that happen at once in the world, so many people who need our help, and countless charities we can get involved with. If you have the time to read this, you definitely have time to make a change in people's lives. 

    One step forward is supporting a charity directly yourself, a leap forward is diving right in and encouraging others to join you.

  3. Take up a new hobby, or focus on a current interest

    No one should ever be all work and no play! Hobbies are just as important as your work life; they make sure that you take time away from everyday stresses to stimulate your physical, creative, and emotional wellbeing. 

    Don't have a hobby? Start one! Sports, art, dance, collecting - you could do anything! If you're like me and you have a million interests, I encourage you to focus on improving one or two of your hobbies this year.

  4. Go on a walk or hike through a nature trail

    In our urban, electronic-filled lifestyles, we need to remember where we really live. We live on this beautiful Earth filled with birth and bounty. We don't usually think about it, but what is the air that we breathe? Living in large cities and highly populated towns, we forget that the air we breathe isn't fresh anymore. This makes a even short stroll in the countryside so worth it.

    Breathing in the fresh, open air in the countryside is euphoric! We could all use some time away from our fast-paced lives to relax and enjoy the humbling sounds of wildlife and rustling tree leaves under the risen sun... although this is rare in the UK apparently.

  5. Tell your loved ones that you love them more.

    Something I've been aware of more recently is the efforts that family and friends make for us, and sometimes, we don't really take note of it. It's time to change this. 

    From this year forward, let's make sure we tell our loved ones that we love them more and that we're extremely grateful and blessed for their presence in our lives. Some actions speak louder than words, so even the smallest of gestures can mean the world to them.
I hope this year you're filled with inspiration, love, and blessings. Remember that you're good deeds towards others, to other living beings, and to the Earth will be rewarded back to you one day.

Let's keep spreading the love and even more goodness this year ♡


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