What's Good on Netflix? My Top 5 Netflix Originals

Netflix lovers definitely know their favourite shows to watch on there.

I've only recently jumped on the Netflix binge train, but I already know my top 5!

It fascinates me how Netflix seemed to become a household name overnight. It's one of those situations where you can't seem to pinpoint when exactly it was that you heard of it for the first time. 

Everyone has different tastes in film and TV and Netflix accommodates to this so well. How they manage to put hundreds of films and TV series on there still confuses me - probably a licensing thing - but no one really cares about that. As long as we get our good fix of movies and shows to stay up all night to watch, we're good.

If you're a bit of a noob when it comes to Netflix, well, first of all you are a very rare breed, but no worries. Here are a few suggestions of my favourite Netflix Originals:
  1. Girlboss

    There's nothing like a strong female lead in a sassy, exciting comedy about the woman who built the fashion brand NastyGal. Britt Robertson suits the character of Sophia Amoruso so well. This TV series is saucy, quirky, punchy, but also doesn't mind flicking a heartstring or two.

  2. B l a c k  M i r r o r

    A mind-blowing, satirical, and daunting reflection on our world - Black Mirror is hands down a must-watch on Netflix, even if you only watch one episode. The series unveils a semi-truth about technology through dystopian dimensions, and though they are dystopian, it really makes you question - is that image far from our world now?

    The episodes all standalone as their own plot lines so feel free to watch whatever seems fitting for you at the time. Fair warning though: it's heavy with dark themes and full of suspense, not for the fainthearted.

  3. The Fundamentals of Caring

    I love a good quirky dark comedy. This film introduces you to an ex-writer who becomes the caregiver of a mischievous disabled teen. It's full of sexual innuendos, an eventful roadtrip, and Selena Gomez - what else can I say? Simply trust me on this, this film takes you on a few ups and downs but all the emotions are worth the catharsis.

  4. Stranger

    An unsolved murder, political corruption, a prosecutor who's unable to feel empathy... Stranger is a gripping mystery drama that intrigues you from several different angles. As if detective dramas weren't interesting enough, the main character is an enigma with his own dark secrets that we're eager to find out about. It's a South Korean drama so you'll be reading subtitles, but I personally think not entirely understanding what we hear somewhat adds charm to the mystery of it all.

  5. The Good Place

    Ah, the afterlife. Don't you ever wonder what happens after we pass from this life? The Good Place is a fantasy TV series that poses a theory in a rather comical way.

    It follows Eleanor in her wake into 'the good place' as her final resting place, but it's not long until she realises she doesn't belong there. It's wacky and bright and colourful and witty, such a simple comedy that's great to watch even when you're otherwise preoccupied. It does make you question how many good deeds you've truly done in your life though - it's surely made me rethink what I should be doing with my spare time!
Of course there are so many great TV shows and films on Netflix that aren't Netflix Originals, for example I totally recommend the kdramas Oh My Ghost and Strong Girl Do Bong Soon if you ever feel like watching a fantastical romance-comedy-drama.

If you're the type to watch lots of digital entertainment, you really can't go wrong with Netflix... but you probably already figured that. Happy watching!

~ glessabella


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