Asian Comfort Food PERFECT For The Autumn Cold

While the cold is a'brewing, I'll be a'stewing!

...that was terrible, but I promise this list of comfort foods isn't!
Well, I guess autumn has now FALL-en upon us... heh... okay, that was it, I swear.

I love autumn. It's my favourite season. In fact I love it so much I'll probably do a separate post about the season as a whole, so look out for that.

I'm one of those peculiar people who love the cold more than the heat, so now that autumn has commenced its performance of frosted windows and chilly breeze, I'm definitely going to be cooking up a fire in my kitchen... not to say I burn things... THAT WAS ONE TIME, OKAY?!

Without further ado, here's a few dishes that comfort me and my belly on a cold, gloomy autumn day:

Again, sorry, but these dishes aren't vegetarian or vegan, however you can find some vegan-friendly alternatives here on AstigVegan's blog and Youtube or over at Mary's Test Kitchen!

Japanese Ramen Noodles

There's nothing much I need to say about ramen. It's ramen. 

Noodles have to be my go-to on a cold autumn afternoon, whether I go out to a Japanese restaurant or simply cook some instant ramen! Tonkotsu is my favourite, but there's also Shio, Shoyu, and lots more variations. When at home, I enjoy a simple Shin Ramyun/Ramyeon packet of spicy noodles and add a hard-boiled egg and spring onions to taste. Ugh, I'm so hungry.

Pad Thai and Green Curry

Before my current love for Japanese food, Thai food was definitely my favourite food, mostly because a thai restaurant opened in my town and I pretty much fell in love. You can't go wrong with a classic pad thai, and even more with an aromatic thai green curry to warm your stomach with all that spice!

Singaporean's Ba Ku Teh

UGH - YES! A highlight from my Singapore trip back in 2012 was definitely getting to try ba ku teh for the first time. This delicious pork-rib soup is enriched with so many aromatic spices, such as star-anise, cinnamon, cloves, garlic, fennel seeds, etc. Soup is perfect for cold weather, and ba ku teh is for sure a dish you need to try this autumn.

Filipino Kare-Kare

I can't end this post without repping my own culture's amazing food! Kare-kare has been one of my favourite Filipino dishes since my early teens. This meaty, peanut-based curry is so rich and hearty that you'll get full pretty quickly, but you'll still want more! Like most Asian dishes, there are different ways of making this simple dish, but they all usually take a few hours to make since the beef that's used is left to boil and tenderise.

Other Filipino dishes that are perfect for autumn are tinola and sinigang, and you can find loads of recipes online!

Thanks for reading this post! I hope you try these yummy food over the cold seasons because they really are worth it! Happy eating!

~ glessabella


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