Sony A5000 Series: Album 1 - Organic Memories


It's finally time to update my Photography section with a new camera series!

Gone are the days I use my beloved film SLR Canon AV-1. Although I'm still a huge fan of using film, I feel lost without my dad's vintage camera and decided to put it aside and get it fixed sometime in the future. 

I've finally entered the digital photography age! In this series, I'll be sharing the pictures I took with my new Sony A5000. This mirrorless camera is actually best for vlogging but, on the right settings and lenses, it takes some striking photos!

I'm still getting used to all the camera settings so these photos may not be the best quality, but here's to improving in the future.

Without further ado, here's the first album of the series!


A l b u m  O n e  -  O r g a n i c  M e m o r i e s

mirror lake.

son and balloon.

over the moon.

sunset on westmill.

dawn on break.

Most of these photos were taken on short camping trips with friends and family.

Taken with a Sony A5000, Summer 2017.

~ glessabella


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