5 Feelings That You Get Post-University

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To have completed your undergraduate degree... What an amazing achievement.

Unfortunately, not all the feelings you get after graduating are positive.

University is a challenge, and, as I've said before, it really isn't suited for everyone. We have the right to feel over the moon after graduation because we've accomplished a milestone in life!

However, this doesn't mean we should feel guilty if we feel down once university is over. For me, post-university life has been an ocean of ups and downs and I wouldn't be surprised if some of you felt the same.

Let's list some of the feelings you might face:
  1. Enlightenment

    As fun as those few years are in "adulthood purgatory", they were definitely loaded with stress and workload. Once you've graduated from all of that, it's uplifting - literally. No more essay planning, no more piles of revision notes, no more all-nighters that weigh down on your sanity. It feels enlightening because you've surpassed the pressures of higher education!

  2. Anxiety

    From experience, anxiety is a strong feeling I used to get when I thought about the future after university. Feeling insecure about not knowing where you'll go after graduation is normal, but it really sucks. This is usually because you'll start to feel anxious to advance in life, especially after a few rejected job applications. To help relieve this anxiety, keep yourself busy - start a new hobby, learn some new recipes, be active... there's so much you can do in this free time. Trust me, you'll miss it when it's gone.

  3. Nostalgia

    Whilst anxiety is commonly associated with thoughts about the future, nostalgia comes from thinking about the past. University opens you up to so many different experiences, such as making new lifelong friendships, building new skills and improving on the ones you already have, and overall strengthening your independence. You're put in a bubble where all of these things are at arms reach and amongst your comfort zone, so when you burst out of the bubble, there's no doubt you'll miss some of these things.

    Nostalgia is a prominent contributor to post-university blues, but transforming the feeling of longing into gratefulness is the solution.

  4. Gratefulness

    This is a classic example of turning the negatives into positives. Instead of wishing you were back in the uni bubble, be grateful for all the experiences you had within it! Think of all those amazing moments with your friends and use them as motivation to meet up with them; look to the future and apply your new skills to new, bigger opportunities; exert your independence into the adult world and show everyone what you can do.

  5. Content

    I promise you that once you get through the lows of post-university life, you will shine so bright you won't even see the darkness anymore. If you really want it, you'll get the job that's best for you. If you work hard for it, you'll be able to do anything you aspire to do. This all in all will lead to that blissful feeling of content and pride in your achievements. You can do it, friend, trust in yourself!
Everything I say here is true. The only thing that will stop you from greatness is your doubts in yourself. You can do it, whatever it is!

I'll be honest: as I write this post, I'm talking to myself too. Being 3 months out of university and still stumbling my way through the job market can throw a few punches at your mental health, but I still manage to stay positive because I believe in myself. 

Your mindset is important in everything you do - try and stay positive in your times of doubt as much as you can. We can do this!

If you would like to talk to someone about anything you need to get off your chest, whether you're going through the same thing I am or something completely different, feel free to message me on my social media if you want to. I'm happy to help!

 ~ glessabella


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