Off to University? Here's How To Make The Most of Freshers Week

Keeping this one short and sweet...

Congratulations for getting into university! It may not be your first choice, it may not be your second, but well done anyway. Now you have a long few years ahead of you, but they'll be just as fun as they are hard-work.

Here are my top tips for your freshers week!
  1. Go to the Freshers events - non-alcoholic and alcoholic, depends on you.

    This one is definitely a given. Freshers week is much-awaited because of all the wild shenanigans you can get up to - mostly alcoholic. But don't worry, there's lots of socials events that don't include alcohol, and remember that you don't need to drink if you don't want to! You'll feel the pressure, no doubt, but of course 
    you ultimately still have the choice. Just remember to grab the ticket deals early!

  2. Try all of the societies you're interested in

    Societies are so important in your uni life. Not only do you make some likeminded friends, but they look super good on your CV! Your hobbies are just as important as your grades because it shows your future employers how versatile you are as a person. Make sure you join societies that you can see yourself being really involved in every week! 

  3. Hang out with your house/flatmates

    These are the people you'll be seeing 24/7 for at least the next year, so at least getting along with them is useful! I suggest you hang out with your house/flatmates during freshers week especially, and if you find they're not the people you get along with, then it's okay to branch out eventually. 

  4. Take risks... but sensibly.

    University life is all about getting out of your comfort zone and exploring new things. Take this new found independence and push your limits! Take day trips with friends, do some challenges, party all night... but do everything sensibly. So don't take stupid risks. Seriously. You're becoming an adult.

  5. Do chores with your fellow students!

    Chores can be really tedious, so why not do them with company? Doing them with your friends makes it all the more entertaining. Besides, you can learn from each other and make sure you don't blow up the washing machine.
Enjoy your time at university! Just be yourself and trust me, you'll find the right people to be around. As long as your nice and comfortably put yourself out there when socialising, you'll do just fine.

...oh yeah, and remember to study hard. lol. all of this and you still need to pass.

~ glessabella


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