Don't Leave Malaga Without Trying These Delicacies!

Oh, Spain, how I always love to visit your beautifully tiled pavements and year-round summer heat...

Malaga did not disappoint, especially when it came to the food!

It was only fair that after a long 3 years of university, we deserved a week long holiday in the sun. After doing some research, Malaga seemed like the perfect place for our getaway! 

An urban, arts-cultured city with a beautiful beach upon the Mediterranean? Definitely my kind of vacation! 

My main aims when going on holiday is not only to relax, but to feel like a local and this starts with exploring the food culture. 

Unfortunately, a lot of Andalusian delicacies aren't very vegan/vegetarian friendly so most of the food featured on this blog post aren't either... sorry! 

Here are the top tapas and beverages you should try when in Malaga...

  • The Seafood Selection

    Of course, being part of Costa del Sol, the seafood is incredible in Malaga! It would be wrong for me not to recommend many of the different local fish and seafood dishes they have to offer...

Sardinas Espetos

Everyone loves a good BBQ, but at Costa del Sol, they kick it up a notch! Sardines grilled over some hot coals are a simple delicacy that can be enjoyed in restaurants ON THE BEACH!

Toes in the sand with the stunning ocean view and the refreshing seaside breeze... You have to experience this simple dish! Don't forget to take a pic of the delicacy being freshly barbecued on the beach!

Gambas al Pil-pil, Conchas Fina y Calamares

Such simple seafood dishes with amazing flavours. Gambas al Pil-Pil is king prawns sautéed with garlic and chilli, an Andalusian favourite. Alongside that is the fresh local clams called conchas fina which can also be cooked al Pil-Pil. 

Lastly, calamari is a personal favourite of mine, and we all know about that breaded and fried squid deliciousness.. but when in Malaga, I recommend calamaritos even more!

 Calamaritos y Boquerones en vinagre

Calamaritos are deep fried baby squid and these were my favourite! I've already expressed my love for calamari in previous posts, but boy did this trip level it up. The. Best. Tapa.

On the other hand, boquerones en vinagre is not only something you should try in Malaga, but whenever you're anywhere in Spain! The dish is sardines in vinegar, very sour in taste but perfect with bread when you're feeling peckish for some tapas.

  • El Restaurante Vino Mío 

    Love the idea of a dinner and show? Vino Mío is perfect for it! 

    Going on holiday abroad should also mean getting in touch with the local arts culture, and at this restaurant you can find entertainment in spicy flamenco shows while eating some seriously tasty food!

    I wouldn't call the menu traditionally Spanish at all; they served Italian pasta dishes, exotic meats like South African crocodile, and even Thai sweet and sour noodles. It was a little random, but we went with it. 

    Despite the weird menu, the food was tasty and the flamenco show was far from unsatisfying. Flamenco is a mesmerising art form, from the melodically dissonant guitar tones, to the angelic harmonies, to the powerful rhythm and moves that vibrate the dance floor. If nothing else, go to Restaurante Vino Mío simply for the flamenco show - you won't regret it. Remember to book a table in advance!

  • Malaga Sweet Wines at Antigua Casa De Guardia

    This wine is definitely not for bitter wine lovers. 

    Malaga's known for its sweet fortified wines; some famous brands are made from grape varieties such as Moscatel and Pedro Ximenez. They're best tasted at the old tavern and winery Antigua Casa De Guardia, first founded in 1840!! Despite several location changes throughout history, the winery still stands today looking its best with all those antique wine boots and taps and wood interior. 

    When ordering, ask for their recommendations. They'll probably serve you the Pajarete 1908.

    Want to know more? Ask the friendly barmen! I suggest you polish up on your Spanish first though.

I haven't even grazed enough of the local Andalusian food you should try in Malaga - these were only a few I got to try. Unfortunately, one week in the region wasn't enough for me to taste all the amazing local dishes, but this only means I have many more reasons to come back for more!

Remember to do your research before going on holiday. It'll save you lots of time and stress from last minute Google-searching.

If there are any Andalusian or Spanish foods you recommend I try on my next trip, leave me a comment or contact me via my social media!

~ glessabella


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