The Ups and Downs of Preparing for Summer

It's within reach. The most awaited time of the year is approaching ever so slowly. 

First, you start to think about how much work and responsibilities you have to deal with; this usually occurs at around January, or maybe even November the year before. You moan a little and probably feel the need to faceplant your bed over-dramatically - and you do - but after that, you start to feel something.

A flicker of light, a sense of hope. You start to think about what happens when you finally have free time, when you're not being held down by the mediocrity of life. 

This is when you see the light at the end of the tunnel: suddenly you're looking at Thomas Cook holiday packages, throwing darts at a world map to see where it will take you this year, and opening up tabs to Boohoo and Asos to look for swimsuits that could still be on sale. 

Well, friends, there's not long to wait now. Summer is only a month or two away.

Just the thought of summer is enough to fill our souls with warmth. You'll have some free time to soak up the summer sun, breathe in the beach breeze, and eat ice-cream without getting a brain freeze. Oh, such joys await you!

But, preparing for summer is a little different. Suddenly there's a whole list of ups and downs you have to go through before you reach paradise, and here they are...

The Downsides...

  • Money, money, money. With our big hopes for summer, we sometimes dismiss the big hole in our pockets. Nowadays you can go on holiday for relatively cheap, but that doesn't mean we won't need a little hard work to get us there. Saving up for summer can be a pain, but know it'll be worth it in the end!
  • The Summer bod. Everyone wants to feel good during the summer, and this means taking care of our health too. Preparing for those holidays means you feel the need to eat less, eat green, and exercise more. Now this isn't a bad thing, but it can be pretty difficult sometimes, considering stress can deplete your motivation by a lot. So be realistic with your body goals, and make sure you give yourself enough time to get toned in a healthy way.
  • There's too much pollen. Everywhere. This may not be a problem for some of you, but it's a problem, no doubt. Hay fever is a curse, and it usually creeps up during the first few weeks before summer really hits. If you get it as bad as I do, you'll spend those first few sunny days cooped up in your room and hissing at the sun. If it gets really bad, take medicine. Even though hay fever can ruin your pre-summer vibes, just know you can lessen the symptoms.
  • Deadlines and exams... sigh. They act as the threshold of summer. You have to get through them before you can reach the summer sun. Unfortunately this is how the universe works - you must feel a struggle before you can truly relax. Don't worry, it'll be over before you know it!

But hey, here are the upsides!

  • Gather up the cavalry. Summer not only means sun and fun, it also means you can finally spend some quality time with the best people in your life. A lot of what makes summer fun is the company you're with, so gather up the cavalry, fight through the deadlines and workload, and plan your getaway!
  • Holiday planning! Everyone loves a bit of holiday planning. Imagining yourself at your chosen destination is one way of escaping all the responsibilities you have to face even for a little while. It's also a way you can motivate yourself to work hard up until then - the holiday will feel that much more rewarding!
  • SUMMER SHOPPING! Swimsuits, shorts, sandals... yaaaaas! Once you get passed the stage of worrying about money, it's blissful to finally be able to press "Checkout" on those online shops. It's all so exciting!!!
  • Countdowns. Part of the fun of waiting for holidays is counting down the days. Every day that passes is another day closer to paradise. It's all about staying positive, friends. Remember: there are only around 50 days left until the beginning of June!
  • Turn up the music! Around this time every year, all the summer music starts to come out. Even when new music hasn't come out yet, preparing for summer means that you can resurrect last year's summer playlist and feel extra euphoric knowing that summer is only a few days away! And when new music does come out, you can start making that new playlist!
Prepping for summer is overall a lot of fun, but remember not to get too carried away. What matters is whatever you absolutely need to get done before the season comes around, and once you've passed those hurdles, crossing the finish line feels phenomenal. 

Remember to stay realistic with your summer goals, whether it's your health or where you can go. More importantly, plan a summer that you know you'll love and cherish. This season of smiles only comes around once a year, so spend it with friends, family, and all your loved ones. You deserve a great summer!

Summer 2k17, we're ready for ya.

~ glessabella


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