Eggciting Activities to Do This Easter!

I can't believe I used an overused pun for the post title... but it must've worked somehow since you're here!

It's Easter time. For months now, chocolate of all egg-shapes and bunny-sizes have been stocking the supermarket shelves, waiting for us to give in to their temptations.

The problem with Easter these days is that it's quite commercial - does anyone really know why we buy chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies? I'm sure we assume many things like eggs symbolise new birth in Spring, and little bunnies are born around this time too, and these aren't false, but it's not the entire truth either.

The truth is, in the end, we really don't care why. We accept that looking forward to cracking chocolate eggs and biting the heads off of golden Lindt bunnies is another occasion to look forward to.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing - it's another occasion we can spend with friends and family, a time for relaxation and having a good time! But if you are interested in Easter's history, I read all about the holiday's symbols here...

And it turns out Easter eggs have actually been a tradition for centuries! Maybe just not the chocolate ones we know and love today.

This time of year is pretty blissful and it's worth making the most of it by doing some Easter-related activities! Why not give some of these a try?
  1. Bake some sweet treats!

    So this is a pretty common one, but it's for an obvious reason - it's super fun! You could make treats like chocolate rice-crispy treats, brownies, cupcakes... you could literally make ANYTHING into an Easter related treat by putting chocolate eggs on top! It's fun for children and adults!

    If you're feeling extra bake-savvy, how about baking some fresh hot cross buns?
  2. Some arts and crafts... THAT YOU CAN EAT!

    Sometimes I feel like I just make excuses to make everything edible, but this one's a good one, promise!

    By edible arts and crafts, I mean working with chocolate and making your own Easter eggs! Instead of buying them ready-made, you could easily make them at home with an egg mould. You could even fill them with anything you want: homemade cookies and cream, chocolate mousse, even fresh fruits will taste great. You could even hide a special surprise in there! The point is you get to customise your own egg, and feel the satisfaction of creating something delicious from scratch!
    I was inspired by HellthyJunkFood's DIY Oreo Cadbury Egg video to try making homemade Easter eggs myself!
  3. A reflective nature walk

    If you'd rather be out and about this Easter weekend, you can't go wrong with a nice walk amongst the freshly bloomed flowers while listening to baby birds chirping. Spring has graced our land with beauty and new birth, and Easter is a perfect time to breathe it all in and reflect on the good things in life. We live in a beautiful world we should appreciate and take care of; taking a nature walk is a simple way of embracing this.
  4. Visit a Farm!

    With winter out of the way, all the animals are out of hibernation and they celebrate by making babies!! Where's better to see all of these wild roaming new baby animals than a farm? Just think of all those cute little baby chicks and piglets you'll get to see! They won't be young and adorable for long!
  5. Easter Games!

    Some things just don't get old with age - like going on an Easter Egg Hunt!! You may think egg hunts are just for children, but they can be super fun for adults too. You can use clever clues by being misleading or using puzzling riddles, and the prizes don't even need to be ordinary Easter eggs! You can tailor the egg hunt to whatever style suits your players.

    If egg hunts don't sound appealing, you could even do a mini Easter sports day - bunny hop sack race, egg and spoon race, bunny bowling with an Easter egg, etc... there are so many you can play! They may seem silly, but being silly is fun and there's no harm in letting your inner child out this Easter.

Whatever you decide to do, I hope you have a great weekend filled with lots of fun, bliss, and indulgence. 

We all deserve a little treat this Easter, but I'll be waiting for the few days after Easter Sunday, when ALLLL the leftover chocolate is discounted... hehehe...

~ glessabella


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