The Little Joys of Springtime

Mmm... the fresh smell of Spring.

2016 has flown by so quickly. Think about it - we're already in May! 

It didn't feel too long ago when I was complaining about the cold... and it wasn't, really. I'm pretty sure the weather went from fairly cold one day to warm and pleasing the next.

Although the winter hadn't really graced us with much this time around - where the snow at, Mother Nature? - it gave us a good few gusts of arctic wind and the occasional spitting of hail stones. So thanks, Winter, you were just slightly more than kinda satisfactory.

But hey! Despite its late arrival, Spring is here: the flowers a'blooming, rabbits a'humpin', the birds a'singin'... so many things to look forward to! Here are a few that tickle my fancy about this season:

  1. Cherry blossoms galore!

    It seems to have been only recently that I realised how many cherry blossom trees we have here in the UK. My inner geek that watches anime always associated the lovely sakura tree with Japan, but after moving to Canterbury, I saw the dainty light pink flowers everywhere during the spring... like, everywhere. This isn't a bad thing, of course. Cherry blossoms are beautiful; their sudden bloom takes you by surprise, they gracefully float in the wind and they decorate the concrete ground with their vibrant pink colour. They add that little tint of colour to your morning walk to work.

  2. Babies.

    I don't mean human babies (though there's possibly a higher rate of pregnancies around spring too... I don't know!), I mean animals: rabbits, foxes, chicks... they're poppin' out everywhere during spring! Spring is commonly known as the time where animals come out of hibernation, which means they have more time to "get frisky" I guess? Idk. I really dk. The point is: wildlife comes alive with the arrival of spring weather: not only do flowers start to blossom, baby animals do too! This includes buzzing bees and newly hatched butterflies fresh from their cocoons! It's always pleasing to see all those ickle wickle bunnies taking their first few hops. #cuteAF


    It's not sunny all the time during the spring, but when it is, it's pretty damn nice outside. Because we're getting over the bleakness of the winter months, when the first rays of sunshine come through the previously grey clouds, everyone emerges from their dark, cosy caves and embraces the sunlight we've been craving since last summer... Though in reality you probably left the house having misjudged the temperature and went out with a winter coat in the 25 degree heat. It happened to most of us, don't worry.

  4. Eat up on those spring vegetables!

    Now that Spring is here, we can enjoy the range of fresh vegetables it comes with! Seasonal vegetables is worth knowing about: this means knowing when to get certain vegetables during each season in order to get the best quality and value for money. Around this time, the freshest and best grown vegetables in the UK are cauliflower, cucumbers, spinach, spring onion, spring greens, radishes, and even Jersey Royal new potatoes. Rhubarb is also grown at its best during springtime, so stock up on that lovely pink fruit and add some to your next dessert pie!
Without a doubt these are only some of the little things to look out for during springtime. It helps to look for joy in these small significances because the arrival of Spring also means the dawning of the busy exam and deadline period. 

Look out for these small things and embrace the beauty of nature. No matter how small the thought is, anything helps just to ease your stressed mind from the thought of essays, exam preparation, and work stress. Just remember: after it's all done, it's done. You'll be free! And besides, you can always find hope in the thought that...

Summer is coming.

~ glessabella


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