A Simply Indulgent Dinner at Zizzi

I'm not entirely sure what it is about chain Italian restaurants, but here I am again writing about another experience at one! I can't get enough of pasta.

This was actually my first time eating at a Zizzi restaurant since I honestly didn't realise the restaurant existed until I came to Canterbury. After a recommendation or two, I decided to try it out myself over a nice catch-up with a friend.

As usual, I was craving a nice bowl of fresh al dente pasta, of what kind I did not know; I just know I was seriously craving carbs. Whether I felt a peckish for some meat was a bit harder to figure out, but in the end I decided to try out something new...


This yummy looking bowl of fabulousness you see above is Zizzi's very own Pulled Beef and Venison Strozzapreti with a generous sprinkling of parmigiano reggiano. Strozzapreti pasta are long pieces that are cut from hand rolled pasta sheets, and as a result the pieces end up twisted. I say that like I've had it many times but I didn't know what strozzapreti was before it was served to me! I never had venison before either, so this dinner was full of all sorts of new experiences!

The hearty ragu was tasty with all the meaty flavours from the tender beef brisket and venison, blending together well with red wine broth and the hint of sweetly savoury Grana Padano cheese. The pasta held all of the flavours well and was al dente - just how I like it. Overall, this pasta dish was pretty satisfactory if you were seriously craving a meaty pasta dish, but it's probably not the best dish to get if you want to taste venison for the first time.

I couldn't find a distinct taste that stood out from the pulled beef brisket. I ordered the dish thinking the meat pieces would be bigger so I could at least try and distinguish between the beef and venison, but unfortunately I didn't get to do that. But, oh well, eating moves on and I still enjoyed the main course regardless!

So after a relatively pleasing pasta dish, it was time for dessert. I wouldn't regret this one for sure.

As if even just the idea of gelato wasn't tempting enough, they served mascarpone gelato! The dessert took me back to last summer when I tasted the unique gelato flavours they offered at La Bombonera in Girona, Spain, mostly because I hadn't had gelato since then. The mascarpone gelato was served alongside a slice of rich chocolate, praline and sea salt torte... mmmmmmm... so delicious.

What did I do to be graced with such a heavenly combination? The torte slice was densely rich with cocoa and nutty goodness, from taste to texture. It wasn't too sweet at all; instead the crumbles of honeycomb were enough to garnish the masterpiece with the sweetness it needed. Sea salt adds that extra spark that enhances all your tastebuds and enriches the beauty of the entire dessert! The contrast between the richness of the torte with the light, creamy gelato harmoniously played my dinner to a beautiful final cadence. No doubt that the sweet and savoury combo works pretty much most of the time, I mean, just LOOK at that bowlful of indulgence!

All in all, my first time dining at Zizzi was very good. It's safe to conclude that I've had yet another positive experience at a friend-recommended chain restaurant. Come to think of it, if I can so passionately describe my experience at these affordable restaurants, imagine what my review on some five Michelin star restaurant would be like... 

One day. My student budget is a bit too poor for that right now.

To top off the lovely food, Zizzi in Canterbury had a cute, brightly lit interior too which added to a cosy, comfortable environment, perfect for that well needed chat with a good friend.

Until next time, Zizzi. I'll be back for a second round of that oh-so scrumptious torte!

~ glessabella


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