Pretty Perfect Pasta at Prezzo

Who doesn't love a good plate of Italian food?

You could argue that it wasn't strong in spice and richness as, say, the exotic Turkish cuisine or totally flamin' Indian, but Italy really has it going on when it comes to tasty, simple yet mouthwatering tastes and textures in their food. Pizza, pasta, parmigiana... ah... cheese... yes please.

Of all the elegant Italian restaurants out there, my definite go-to has to be Prezzo - without a doubt. I just couldn't get enough of their heartily filled calzones back when I thought meatballs were irresistible, but this time I came for their fresh vegetable pasta dishes!

You gotta love spontaneous dinner dates, especially when it had been 6 hours since I last ate!

Ah... and there they are. Such beauty. So stunning. So delicious I would have licked the plate clean, but I used the pasta to scrape it clean instead. 

Mamma and Papa told me never to waste food.

After concluding my internal conflict by deciding not to order starters - my student budget only had a little stretch left - I ended up ordering the filled pasta dish that is the Wild Mushroom Girasole.

The girasole pasta was cooked pleasantly al dente and bursted with the natural flavours of the wild mushrooms, and if that wasn't enough, the flavoursome coating of green pesto humbly complimented the tasty sunflower shaped ravioli. The buffalo mozzarella contributed a salty, slightly chewy texture to the dish, a delicious dish that was topped off with a poetic cadence from the refreshing juices of the cherry tomatoes and the leafy bite of the fresh rocket leaves. The portion size was enough to satisfy your hunger, filling you with the goodness of fresh pasta. I was in love.

My date for the evening - shout out to my homegirl Ibu - also felt a craving for pasta and ordered Spaghetti with King Prawns. Unfortunately, unlike my delizioso girasole, she felt her spaghetti was a little bland and that the extent of the flavour differed for every bite she took. A sprinkling of salt and pepper helped a little though. Perhaps the flavours were a little too simple. Other than that, Ibu says the pasta and prawns were very well cooked and the bites of chilli were a welcoming surprise!

Well, Prezzo, you can't win them all! But for me, Prezzo pasta got both of my thumbs up for sure!

As if the food did not satisfy me enough, the interior of the Prezzo in Canterbury is the best I've seen for this chain restaurant! It is modern and elegant, yet it still manages to salute Canterbury's old-timey essence with its exquisitely attractive windows and rough stone-tiled walls. The dim candle lighting was on point too! It all came together to make a luxurious atmosphere for a lavish dinner.

I'll definitely be back for seconds, thirds and fiftieths, Prezzo - you better stock up on that delicious pasta!

~ glessabella


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