Treasuring the year's first snowfall

All we want for Christmas is to roll around in thick snow!
 I'm sure everyone has had the desire for a truly white Christmas where it actually snows on Christmas day. There's just something so magical about the thought of snowflakes pirouetting in the air while we indulge in a hearty Christmas roast, with some Christmas classics playing in the background. It's aesthetically pleasing.

Let's be real here: there's no use in expecting snow on Christmas day in England because the sky has some terrible mood swings. Who knows what weather we'll have next? It could be incredibly sunny one moment, and then suddenly the clouds unleash an ungodly wrath, shooting lightning bolts onto the earth and spitting sleet onto mankind as if to punish us for having fun in the sun. 

Chill out, sky. Jeez. 

If by any chance it did snow heavily on Christmas day, it really would be a Christmas miracle... but it would be gone within 10 minutes of its departure from the clouds.

This rather bipolar weather isn't always bad though. There's a good chance of snowfall even if it's just around the Christmas season, since we're approaching winter and all. Christmas isn't only just restricted to December 25th now anyway; families put up their festive decorations as early as the beginning of November, many Christmas shindigs are planned for right at the start of December, and Christmas songs play at supermarkets straight after Halloween, for goodness sake! This nation is obsessed with Christmas!

It's okay if it doesn't snow on Christmas day. As long as it snows at some point during the months of November and December, where the Christmas cheer is entirely infectious, we can still feel the joyful sensation of having a white Christmas.

The first snowfall I witnessed this year was in November, where the graceful snowflakes came to visit only for a short while early in the morning. Of course I had to come down to see it outside, despite still being in my pyjamas (as you can see in the photo above). Who knows when it will next snow? I had to capture this moment before it was gone. Though I have to mention, what made this first snowfall of the year very special was watching the joy on my uncle and auntie's faces as they witnessed their very first snowfall EVER!!

Just look at those smiles. Such joy and glee the immaculate snow brings.

Treasure that first snowfall if only to capture a rare and unique kind of happiness in your loved ones and in yourself too! It's not every day we can have snowball fights, make snowmen and go sledging on the nearby hill. We can't exactly make mud angels. 

Snow brings people together: friends, family, community, the world. Oh, how joyous the frost and cold can be at this time of year.

~ glessabella


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