Setting the bar for the New Year

Ah... isn't this such a blissful moment in time? There's something significantly satisfying about the end of a year. We find ourselves reflecting on the year that had just passed and we come to the conclusion that it was either really good, terrible, or... meh. Honestly though, as long as you do some reflection, any of these conclusions are totally fine!

If it was a good year, great! You can continue this onto the new year. If it was terrible, well, damn, that sucks but there's always hope no matter what happens. If it was, you know, meh... then now you know that some goals need to be set. To be honest, no matter how great or unbearable your year was, listing down some goals for the new year is essential anyway!

If you think about it, setting a goal is like lighting a candle. The feeling of achieving a goal or wish is similar to the unexplainable sensation of blowing out a candle and watching the smoke rising elegantly away from the wick. After that flame fulfils its duty, we can look forward to blowing out another flame!

Here's a few points to consider when thinking about what you could achieve in the upcoming year:

How productive have you been this year? 

Even I try to avoid answering this myself sometimes. The truth is we could all be a little more productive and progressive in improving our practical lives; this is regarding your studies, your career and all the things that we associate with growing up and becoming a little bit more mature. Have you opened those driving theory books you said you would get through? Did you take advantage of most opportunities open to you? If you look back at 2015 thinking you really should have dealt with your work load better, take that into consideration for 2016.

How charitable were you? 
Of course we don't always need to think about our own productivity. Giving thought to others doesn't do much harm and even the smallest things can make a difference. When was the last time you saw a homeless person and walked passed them without giving it much thought? Being charitable doesn't only refer to giving money; lending a helping hand to a stranger, giving directions to someone who seems lost, or even just smiling at a person who clearly looks down is charity all the same. You could set yourself the goal of being more aware of the others around you and helping out any way you can. It never hurts to be nice, unless they respond rudely... At least you know you were nice!

Personal growth
Personal development is the basic foundation of our lives; we don't live to not grow as an individual. How much have you improved yourself this year? Are you more confident? Open-minded? Content? Social? Focused? Reflect on yourself and figure out how you could strengthen your mind, body and soul... and maybe your metabolism. That Christmas weight isn't going to burn itself off!

Horizons = expanded? 

If you're a person who tends to like learning new things and going on adventures, why not find a new hobby? Learn a new skill, try out some new fashion, get out of your comfort zone! Learn to play the harmonica, learn to knit, take up a new sport... You can never stop learning new things; there are simply too many interesting things out there. Setting travel-related goals are also very motivating for those of you who love experiencing new environments - work hard, travel hard!

All in all, I think everyone could use a good list of goals for the next coming year. Don't give yourself too much to do though! Keep your goals simple, approachable and fun. Make sure you actually want to do them and stay positive. Ensure you don't lose your sense of self along the way; just because you might want a certain celebrity's hot bod doesn't mean you should sacrifice your indulgent passion for food. One step at a time.

It's up from here, and even though our happy streaks can suddenly dip sometimes, they'll find their way back up again. You will find yourself in a good place again. Don't worry. Trust yourself.

Happy New Year! I hope this year treats you well and brings you more joy, fun and productivity!

~ glessabella


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