December: Tis' the season to be joyfully broke

Wehey! The much awaited festive month of December is here once again. Christmas is very close and sales are bursting through the roofs... meanwhile our bank accounts quickly wither in the soil of Christmas expenses.

Alongside this joyful time of the year comes the sacrifice of money and time buying Christmas presents for our dearest friends and family. The wiser of people would save up even just a little of their well-earned monthly wages during the year in time for this expensive month, whereas the not so organised pray that they can scrape something together, but you know what, this is okay.

Personally, I would rather receive an inexpensive scrapbook filled with photographed memories than an entirely overpriced designer bag. Designer products, electronic devices, high-tech blablabla... in the end they don't mean anything special. They're just materials, but I'm not saying they're bad to receive. These material products, stuff like iPads, TVs, cars, etc., are very productive and will generally help in day-to-day life. Besides, if the person really needs these things then okay, why not? But do they really need something new and expensive every year? And if you know you'll struggle to afford it, why bother?

The best presents to me have to be what I call 'gag' presents, ones that are absolutely ridiculous but useful at the same time because of non-materialistic reasons. For example, these could be small gifts that link to a private joke between you and your friend or even a DIY kit that shows that person's interest, like a movie night pack for a film lover or a craft pack for an art enthusiast. These presents are personal and reflect relationships, showing just how much you cherish that person. They can be inspiring, uplifting to look at, and cheap too! Most of these can be handmade at home, like a memory board or personalised mug, however cliché it sounds. Personalised items show that you've really given thought to the gift and that you've spent the time to create it and think about that person. The quality doesn't even need to be 100% because it's always the thought that counts.

Sentimental value over material value any day.

For this Christmas, just remember: you don't need to spend loads on expensive things you can't actually afford for your friends and family. Christmas presents are not as important as you think. One or two small gifts that really exploit your appreciation for the person is enough to make them happy. Christmas is about appreciating the people around you, celebrating the joys in life and coming together as a global community and uniting for a special occasion. The festive cheer of December comes from being with friends and family... 

Okay, it's about the excitement of opening presents too BUT it shouldn't be about the sterling the product is labelled with. Think outside of the box, be creative, put more thought and less money into your gifts.

So the next time you decide to buy someone a Macbook or an iPhone 8000 or whatever the newest one is now, don't. Apple is rich enough.

~ glessabella


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