Canon AV-1 Series: Album 3 - Joy and Play

And just like that, Christmas for this year is over. I hope you've had a joyful, peaceful and fun-packed Christmas filled with new memories, rekindled relationships and copious amounts of food! But remember, quality time with family and friends shouldn't be limited to Christmas time.
 Although we can't make Christmas the whole year round, we can keep the spirit going by dedicating time to our loved ones and even appreciating everyone else around us: neighbours, co-workers, teachers, etc. It's never a bad thing to show them your appreciation, even just by doing something small like simply asking how they are. You might even make their bad day turn into a good one.

In light of this festive season and the end of 2015, I thought now would be the perfect time to say goodbye to my Canon AV-1 Photography series.

It's been a good last few years, Canon AV-1. I've captured many treasured memories and beautiful sights with you... but as time moves on, I also have to move on. 

*sad sniffling*

For the last album of this series, I wanted to capture the spirit of this wonderful time of the year and dedicate it to moments of joy, play and togetherness because that's what Christmas is all about - fun, happiness and unity. 

We all turn into excited little children when this time of year comes around, especially when it comes to eating Christmas dinner and opening presents. The carefree attitude, creativity and simple delights that children express is my inspiration for this album, and what better time to show it than amongst the enlightening joys of Christmas.


A l b u m  T h r e e  -  J o y  a n d  P l a y

a solemn smile.


discussion over cereal.

i'm just happy.


the success in learning.

tradition in may.

wooden figures.

young fun.


Most of the children that feature in these photos are my lovely family and close friends.

I love to take pictures of them because I feel it's one of the best ways to see how much they've grown up.

These are all raw, unfiltered analog photographs.


~ glessabella


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