Canon AV-1 Series: Album 2 - Folkestone

a still leap.

Album 2 of my Canon AV-1 Series is dedicated to my favourite place in the whole world - Folkestone, Kent.
 Since goodness knows how long, family friends and I had come back to this beautiful place every year to go camping when we all needed some relaxation time. Sometimes we just needed to settle amongst the mesmerising white cliffs and sleep beside the calming crashes of the mighty sea, away from the chores of everyday life.

I recently went back to visit this magical seaside on my own as a break from university, if only to be nostalgic of slightly easier days. Nothing else enlightens me more than sharing these simple photographs of the joyous, memory-filled wonderland I have come to love so, so much.

I truly believe these photographs capture the magic I've experienced there, experiences that I never could justify through words.


A l b u m  T w o  -  F o l k e s t o n e

a rocky fall.

ambling children.

free chase.


painted summer.

pebble cave.

sand storm.


These photos were all taken in 2011 at Warren Beach, Folkestone, Kent.

I consider this particular camping trip to be my most memorable experience.

These are all raw, unfiltered analog photographs.


~ glessabella


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