My blog has moved! New look, new ideas...

After getting help from some really awesome people down at Blog Soc. in UKC ~ shout out to the peeps ~ I've decided to give my blogs a bit of refurbishing.

With an entirely new look, my food blog has now been merged with my theatre blog, which is finally being publicised after a while of contemplation. Alongside these topics I'll be posting anything arts, culture and lifestyle related, e.g. university advice, music, film reviews, as well as sharing some rough recipes I've improvised together. I can now post absolutely anything! The possibilities are endless!

If you have been following my other blogs, make sure to follow this new one instead since I will no longer be posting on my old blogs. For fellow bloggers, I am on Bloglovin' so you can follow me on there!

This new look and design will help get my ideas out there as best as I can and as much as possible. Maybe I'll even inspire a mind or two.

Thanks for the support so far! Watch this space; great things are coming!

~ glessabella


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