A brilliantly Sloppy experience at The Burger Bros.

This super yummy burger totally made a morning of hard work pay off!

Having added eating at The Burger Bros. to my list of goals for summer, I managed to take a spontaneous self-date to the gorgeous burger restaurant which is connected to Alberry's Bar and The Cellar Bar in Canterbury, Kent. No doubt the typical university student is stereotypically expected to live on Super Noodles and Heinz Beans - and trust me, I know too many students who survive on that lifestyle - but not this one, nuh-uh! Once in a while I'll scrape the bottom of my sale-priced Primark bag for some coins and treat myself to a not-so-student-budget-friendly lunch.
Voted 5th Best Burger Restaurant in the UK by TripAdvisor, The Burger Bros. is based in Kent locations, such as Broadstairs, Dover and, initially, Deal, where they serve up juicy beef patties produced by local Kent farmers and brioche buns that are local too! You get to eat the best of Kent's ingredients combined with inspiration from the all classic American burger... mmmm... here comes the drool.
There was a good number of burgers and sliders you could choose from, New York Midnight, The Daddy, Clean, Dirty being only a few... but I was feeling extra grubby and went for the delicious Sloppy.
Filled with mouthwatering house brisket chilli, Jack cheese, the pure beef patty and some jalapeno sour cream, it was the best kind of mess! All these elements blended together so well; the chilli and beef patty were seasoned enough so they weren't overpowering, the jalapeno sour cream added that extra spice kick to the meal which complimented the meat, and the brioche buns were soft and did well holding all the flavours together. It was a very attractive burger, as you can see in the picture (although it isn't the best photography!), where the beef patty was a dainty pale pink inside, and the dark allure of the meat and buns pleasantly contrasted with the creamy white sour cream. Of course, the plate overall was beautifully decorated, with the golden fries in a cute mini fry basket adjacent to the burger on a slate plate.
Although I would go back and eat there in a heartbeat, one thing I would suggest to the Burger Bros. is that they invest in a sweeter tasting brioche bun. Never having had brioche buns before, I had the impression they were going to have that moist, buttery sweet taste to them but they didn't. This would have taken the burger to a whole different dimension of flavour! After all, I'm a big fan of the sweet and savoury combo. Also, this may only be so in the Canterbury restaurant, but I realised the restaurant was quite dark on such a sunny summer day. I would have liked a little bit more sun shining through the old wooden windows while I enjoyed delightfully devouring my burger.
Despite this, The Burger Bros. didn't let me down! I had a successful self-date, and I recommend you go out and try it too, both going on a self-date and eating at The Burger Bros.! The meal altogether cost £9.25 including a fee charge of 50p for debit card payment. So if you want a little alone time, or even a catch-up with some close friends, I recommend you get a table at The Burger Bros. It's definitely worth a try! You won't regret it!
~ glessabella


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