Setting the bar for the New Year

Canon AV-1 Series: Album 3 - Joy and Play

Treasuring the year's first snowfall

Eat beautiful at itsu

December: Tis' the season to be joyfully broke

My Top Albums to Get Through the Winter

Having a few Beano's at a lovely Vegetarian Cafe

Canon AV-1 Series: Album 2 - Folkestone

Tips & Advice for a Cheaper Student Living

Canon AV-1 Series: Album 1 - Nature's Work

My blog has moved! New look, new ideas...

Canterbury in a Chocolate Wonderland

Buffets: A Guide to Really Eating All You Can... and More!

Precious Popina Pastries at Portobello Market

A sunny afternoon "lakwatsa" to Lakwatsa

La Bombonera is the bomb-diggity of gelaterias!

Arròs I Peix ~ ¡La comida español era muy delicioso!

A brilliantly Sloppy experience at The Burger Bros.

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